Endless Summer


I wish – but we haven’t, although we have the next best thing – the return of Summer.

Our favourite nursery school teacher from west Sussex is back barely a week after making her first trip to the OT studio, we thought she was so good the first time that we better get her in again just to check it wasn’t a one off and lo and behold it wasn’t 🙂

So feast your little peepers on this delectable selection of sample treats – no videos today as Summer decided she wasn’t so keen on doing them, which is fine.

For Only-Opaques Summer wears a figure-hugging blue dress with black opaque tights

Is a college student in powder blue opaque tights

A bespectacled secretary in black opaque stockings

And a cheer leader in grey opaque tights

For OnlySilkAndSatin Summer’s in a silky black top and skirt with natural tights

A secretary in black stockings

A red satin evening dress with tan stockings

And in wet-look leggings with pink stockings