Chrystal Lee back at last


It’s been a while since we last saw Chrystal Lee who’s pretty much retired from glamour modelling, but she’s here again at the OT studio by popular demand from our members who I think will be very happy with today’s results, with the added bonus of Chrystal feeling confident enough to show a little more of herself then on previous occasions!! – I only said “a little”, Lads.

Life seems to be going well for Chrystal having recently moved to Weston-super-Mare in Somerset ( super mare being Latin for above or on-sea, I’m only telling you that because the name puzzled me for years ) and planning to marry her boyfriend later this summer.

On with the samples.

For OnlyTease Chrystal starts off with these snug denim cut-offs and sheer light tan tights

A college girl with white opaque tights

Satin party dress with black stockings

And on video a cotton summer dress and white ankle socks out in the garden

Then for OnlySilkAndSatin a secretary with platinum stockings

Casual skirt and top with black tights

A waitress in red stockings

And some silky bed-wear and black stockings on HD video


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