Chloe Welsh

Kicking off a busy week for me shoot-wise is the stunning Chloe Welsh. On the first of her 2-day shoot we shot the following sets.

Strictly Glamour

For Strictly Glamour Chloe wears a black PVC bodysuit with red thigh boots.

Then a red leather corset and mini-skirt.

Gloss Tights Glamour

For Gloss Tights Glamour Chloe wears a turquoise top and skirt with glossy purple tights.

And a little burgundy dress with glossy black tights.

Up Skirt Glamour

While at Up Skirt Glamour we see her in black seamed stockings.

Chloe is back in the studio with me today shooting more sets for my sites and Selena is joining me on Wednesday – check back soon for more sample images from these lovely ladies’ sets.

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  2 comments for “Chloe Welsh

  1. Great to see Chloe back, she looks stunning in the red leather. I’d love to see her in the white thigh boots again, they really “popped” with her tan.

  2. One Of The Most Breathtakingly Beautiful Classy Sexy Ladies Ever & Some Of Gods Best Work!! Always A Great Joy Seeing Chloe Welsh!!

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