Custom Shoots

One thing I get asked more and more about these days is privately commissioned custom shoots. I’ve been doing them for years but they seem to have increased in popularity more recently. It’s a great opportunity to have something unique and personal to you.

In response, I’ve put together a Custom Shoots page with some basic information on, along with a few of the frequently asked questions (FAQs). I have copied and pasted that page below this delightful montage of five of the lovely models that I’ll be working with over the next few weeks whom you may book a private custom with.

Would like to have your favourite model professionally photographed in your favourite outfit – exactly to your specifications and for your eyes only?

Or how about commissioning a custom private video in which you see and hear your favourite model act out your fantasy, professionally shot and edited in either 1080 HD or UHD 4K – addressing you directly and saying the exact words that you want her to say?

Then why not commission a private custom shoot from me? You can be assured of a highly professional, very discreet and total confidentiality service.

Top Quality Work Assured

For over 14 years I was the senior photographer at &, before that I shot the top UK glamour models for the lads mags and the Daily Star newspaper’s online version – Megastar.

Prices start from as low as £119* for your own private custom set with one of the UK’s top models, professionally shot to your exact specifications – you won’t be constrained by a particular site’s requirements such as the model MUST wear stockings or tights, you can chose whatever you want – the sky’s the limit and YOUR custom set is just for you – it won’t appear on any website and be made available to all that site’s membership. Your custom set is for your eyes only!

These are screenshots of emails I’ve received from other satisfied customers:

Every Taste Is Catered For

Secretary, College Uniform, Dominatrix, Nurse, you name it – I can do it. Your imagination is the limit of what your custom set will be. When I shoot your custom set it will be tailored to your exact requirements. You can send any outfits, shoes or props directly to the studio. If you want longer photo sets or videos – that’s no problem – I can quote you for whatever you require.

Indulge your deepest, darkest desires and have your favourite model act out your ultimate fantasy.

Custom videos are made to your exact instructions and the model can deliver a script that you’ve written and prepared to let you explore your fantasy to its full. They are available for as little as £159* for up to 8 minutes of 1080 HD or 4k UHD video (whichever you prefer – I know not everyone wants super large videos).

There are no on-line forms to fill in – once you have contacted me you will receive a totally personal service via email to ensure that your custom sets are exactly to your liking.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the typical rates for a photo or video set with a model?
As a starting point, a photo set of 100 images would be £149, and an 8 minute video, in either 1080p or 4K, is £199 (to reflect the additional pre & post-production work). Longer photo and video sets can be done on a pro rata basis. If the set is particularly complicated, difficult to set up or arrange, or entails a lot of preparation, then it may incur a higher fee. Just tell me what your requirements are and I can give you an all inclusive price. 

2. Is there a limit to what level you will shoot to?
The levels are determined by what the individual models are happy to do – they are often ok with shooting to higher levels for private shoots but are also likely to increase their fees too – it’s a matter of negotiation. As long as it’s legal, I have no problems with any levels being requested.

3. Are customs limited to outfits in the Strictly Glamour wardrobe, or can outfits and props be sent in?
I’m quite happy for items of clothing, underwear, foot & leg wear or props to be sent in. You can even have items sent directly from the retailer to the studio, if you wish. Items that I already possess can also be requested for use in a private shoot.

4. Do any private customs appear on your site(s) eg. Strictly Glamour, or are they solely for my own personal use and not shared or sold on to another site?
I prefer to shoot private custom sets as just that and not publish them anywhere. If you wanted a video shot it also means that you can script the scene and the model’s monologue to your specific requirements. Unless it’s specifically arranged, all customs sets would be produced for the private use of the commissioning client. If you did want to commission a custom that was also to be used on my site, then I would be able to reduce the cost per set; the shoot style and model’s outfit would need to be compatible with the site’s normal output though.

5. Can you record behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage of my shoot taking place?
Yes, as long as the model is happy with the shoot being recorded on video then a BTS video can be ordered at the same time as a custom photo set for an additional fee equivalent to 40% of the photo set fee. (e.g. for a regular photo set the BTS video would cost an additional £60 and are only available in 1080 Full HD or 720 HD)

6. Is there a discount for buying multiple customs?
As a general rule, I can offer a 10% discount for 3 or more custom sets with the same model on the same day. It is possible to commission whole days as private shoots. The price per set is lower (approx 20% based on 8 sets), but obviously the total cost is significantly higher.

7. What payment methods do you accept?
You can pay by bank transfer (BACS or SEPA), Paxum or I can take Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex. Payment in full is required a minimum of 72 hrs prior to the shoot taking place.

* This is the discounted price that you pay per set when commissioning a full day’s shoot with a model. A full day consists of eight regular stills sets of 100 images or eight regular 1080 HD videos of approx 8 minutes length each (or a combination of photo and video sets totally eight sets shot on the same day with the same model). The price for a single set of 100 images is £149 and for a single eight minute video it is £199.