Emily Oldfield

Delving a mere 18 years into my back catalogue brings up a shoot with Emily Oldfield from some time in 2002, I think, for MegaStar.co.uk (now sadly defunct).

As well as shooting Emily for MegaStar, I also shot a cover and (several) features with her for Digital Photo magazine at my studio in North London. For anyone who’s interested, here’s that cover and the article that accompanied it.

Emily Oldfield and the December 2002 cover of Digital Photography magazine.

The article on our shoot, including plenty of hints & tips on how to shoot your own magazine cover 😉

And now for the stuff you’re really interested in – good ol’ Emily whipping her bra off.

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  1. A lovely article Mike. I don’t think I’ve heard of Emily before now. She’s delicious…and has such a naughty pout!

  2. Thanks Mashedpotato. I haven’t seen or heard of Emily for about 15 years but you’re right – some very naughty expressions! 🙂

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