Cara Brett & Rachael Boden Duo

Click on this image to see a large 3000 x 2000 pixel image – the full set of 75 images is available to download for free in this size or the smaller 1000 x 667 pixel format – or both if you prefer!

This duo set of Cara Brett and Rachael Boden was originally commissioned by the now defunct Bravo TV in late 2006. Only a small selection of the full set were ever published.

The full set is, for the first time anywhere, available to all users of the site – for FREE, just as a ‘Thank you’ for being here.

To download a zip file of the images:

Click here for the small 1000 pixel image set.

Click here for the large 3000 pixel image set.

The thumbnails below display 1000 x 667 images when clicked.

If you want to see loads more images and videos of both Cara and Rachael, then I suggest that you get over to Only All Sites where you’ll find dozens more sets that I’ve shot of them.

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