Honour May

The incredible Honour May joined me last week to shoot some new photosets and videos for Strictly Glamour and Gloss Tights Glamour. We shot mainly videos as Honour is such a brilliant performer on video, coming up with great storylines on the spot.

In a little change from the usual reporting of shoots, I’ve edited together a trailer from a video Honour shot for each site. These samples are just 720p versions. As a member on the websites you can download the videos in 4 different formats – 4K 60fps, 1080p, 720p and 480p, depending on where you plan to view the videos and your download speeds (you can also stream the videos in 3 sizes if you don’t want to download).

Strictly Glamour

For Strictly Glamour Honour wears some dominatrix-style leather gear.

Gloss Tights Glamour

Whilst for Gloss Tights Glamour she wears a red dress that shows off her figure very nicely, along with some glossy tan tights.