Katie Richmond

Having mentioned the absolutely delightful Katie Richmond in my last post, I thought I’d dig out a few sets of her to show you. This little lot were taken in 2000 – it says 27th April on the CD – so over 20 years old now!

Back then we weren’t really sure what to do with the internet and people were throwing money at us to do “something”. I experimented a lot with ‘cutting out’ models from plain backgrounds and dropping them onto images I’d shot at various locations as it was just becoming possible to ‘comp’ them together on a good spec Mac with Photoshop. The images had a somewhat surreal feel to them, which I quite liked. Some worked better than others 🙂

One of these shots ended up as the cover for the MegaStar 2001 calendar, of which I’ve just found four signed copies in the loft whilst rummaging about – so I’ll probably be popping them on eBay shortly. 😉

Katie Richmond – cover girl of the 2001 MegaStar calendar.