Lauren Louise Takes Control

Luscious Lauren Louise recently shot some extremely hot sets with me for lovers of leather, latex, PVC, boots and everything with a little kinky dominatrix feel to it.
All these six sets will be finding their way on to Strictly Glamour during the course of the next few months, but if you don’t want to join the site and just want the odd image set, or if you can’t wait until they’re released, then they are available to buy in advance at my Clip Store, individually.

Not For Losers

Lauren’s Wet-look Tease

Mistress Lauren Louise treats you to striptease, dressed in a skimpy wet-look outfit and skin-tight PVC boots.

Mistress Lauren Louise is angry that you’re late and is going to punish you for your lack of punctuality. Grovel on the floor before her and worship this goddess’s beautiful shapely figure. To make yourself useful, lick clean the heels of her boots as she humiliates you and tells you what a worthless piece of you are – she’s saving her body for a real man!

Mistress Lauren Louise Humiliates Loser

This striking mistress humiliates and abuses you for the worthless, pathetic man that you are. Only real men will get to touch her tits – you should be grateful that your beautiful mistress even allows you to look at them. Mistress Lauren Louise takes great pleasure in making you suffer as she drives you wild, flaunting her gorgeous body in front of you and slowly stripping as she taunts you.

Stills Sets

Additionally, Lauren shot three stills sets which are destined for Strictly Glamour in the coming months. If you can’t wait ubtil they’re released on that site, you can purchase advance copies of the sets at my new image store for only $3.99 (100+ massive 3840 x 5760 pixel images per set)

Lashings from Lauren Louise

Ready yourself for some punishment from Mistress Lauren Louise’s bullwhip. She is not in the mood today to put up with any disobedience from you, so kneel down in front of this goddess and do as she commands!

Lauren Louise Lauren Louise Lauren Louise

Lauren Louise in Leather

Luscious Lauren Louise gets all leathered-up in leather corset, shorts and thigh-high boots. What will she do with her handcuffs? What chance has a pathetic slave got in the presence of this beautiful dominatrix?

Lauren Louise Lauren Louise Lauren Louise

Wet & Waiting

Mistress Lauren Louise drives her slave wild wearing this figure-hugging wet-look outfit. Tormenting and teasing her human toy, she will drive you wild with desire as she slowly peels off her outfit until she is left in just her patent leather ankle boots, brandishing a riding crop. Now she’ll take pleasure from from giving you a good thrashing!

Lauren Louise Lauren Louise Lauren Louise