Leilani’s Laundry

Let me whisk you back 20 years to September 2000 where we find Leilani washing her smalls down at the Stoke Newington Laundromat. She may not have been able to afford her own washing machine, but she was happy: as can clearly been seen from these images originally shot for MegaStar.co.uk.

Amongst other activities, we see Leilani practicing one of her favourite pastimes of performing yoga on giant feathers, showing off some of her latest clubbing wear at (the sadly now closed down) Raquel’s in Basildon, and on a sponsored trek across the Sahara in stilettos by which she raised nearly £87 for Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, Devon! (I did in fact take those background images in the northern Sahara, which I travelled across with my girlfriend in a rented Renault Clio after becoming bored of drinking beer by the pool in Hammamet. Along the way we visited a few locations where some of the original Star Wars was filmed like Matmata, the town in which Luke Skywalker grew up. I particularly liked El Djem with its massive 35,000 seat Roman amphitheater that’s just like Rome’s Colosseum but with the hoards of people.)

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