Lucy Pinder Prestige

I wish I could show you some samples from today’s shoot here in very sunny Bulgaria of a very popular OT regular that I’ve shot for a new site due to launch around the end of the year or early 2010, but I’m sworn to secrecy having signed the The Official Glamour Secrets Act 2009. Be patient, when all is revealed I’m sure you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

So to fill up a little blank cyberspace I thought this week I’d bring you a few shoots from ‘yesteryear’ seeing as I’ve been shooting for Onlytease for over 3 years now and only had this blog going since January this year.

One of the best known models I’ve shot during that time is Lucy Pinder back in the summer of 2007 for the OT Prestige section which is a bonus feature included in both OnlyTease and OnlyAllSites membership.

I’d shot Lucy before for another website and knew I was going to get some good results from her, she is so professional in her approach to modelling.

So here’s a sample of what was shot on the day.

This set was a bit of a rush really, I think we only had about 15 mins at the end of the day to complete the 5th set as Lucy had to be somewhere else so it was a case of setting up the shot quick and firing off as many frames as I could in about 10 mins. In the end I think this was my favourite set of the day, based on that classic Marilyn Monroe shot.

Click on the thumnails for larger images and also see the links to more images from the same set.





To see more of the above set click HERE

It’s a shame the teachers at my comprehensive didn’t dress like this, then again if they did I’d never had got any work done.





To see more of the above set click HERE

Then this classic black lingerie set with black stockings





To see more of the above set click HERE

And Lucy dressed as a secretary relaxing at the bar after a hard days’ work





To see more of the above set click HERE

There’ll be more ‘blasts from the past’ during the coming week, so stay tuned.

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