Megastar Archive

Back in the late 90s and early-mid Noughties, I used to work for – which was then the Daily Star’s on-line version (the name’s now owned by a gambling website).

I shot a lot of content for the website over those years of many of the popular page 3 girls of the time, including a young Melanie Walsh as well as Lucy Pinder & Michelle Marsh. For well over a decade, none of these images have seen the light of day – I’ve got a crate full of CDs containing the images, the oldest of which are nearly 20 years old now and there doesn’t seem to be a trace of them anywhere on the internet. Some of these sets may have been shot for other clients, such as Bravo TV or picture libraries and have appeared in several ‘lads mags’ like Redline, Max Power, Ptactical Photography etc, but the majority, I think, are from Megastar.

It seems a shame that all these great images are languishing, unseen in my attic, so I thought it might be an idea to dust off the CDs and post some of them up here for you gentlemen to appreciate, reminisce or maybe discover something new.

How a page from looked, back in 2001.

How a page from looked, back in 2001.

Emily Scott
Hannah Claydon
Jerri Byrne
Jessica Dunn
Leilani Dowding
Michelle Marsh
Nikki Kidd
Stacey O’Connell