September 25, 2023

The Return of The Mel

I’m extremely pleased to say that I had the pleasure of working again with one of my oldest friends in the glamour industry – legendary Page 3 model, Melanie Walsh.

Unbelievably, it’s over 20 years since our first shoot together and I can still remember the day a (seemingly) very shy and quite 19 year old Melanie walked into my studio in north London.

Well, I don’t think anyone would disagree that Melanie looks as good today as she ever did, and her thousands of loyal fans will no doubt be thrilled to know that Melanie now has just opened her very own OnlyFans page – see Melanie’s OnlyFans page here.

As you can imagine it was a very busy day – many fans had requested Private Custom Shoots but there’s only time for so many of them. Melanie will be back in the not-too-distant future so if you were one of the unlucky ones unable to secure your very own private set this time then you shouldn’t have to wait too long for another chance. As a reminder, private custom sets are only £149 for a photo set (100 images) and £199 for an HD video (8 minute). You’ll be dealing directly with me, the photographer, when you book your Private Custom Shoot to ensure your exact needs and requests are met.

Strictly Glamour

We shot three sets for Strictly Glamour to add to the sets Melanie already has on the site. The first two are stiolls sets and the last one a VR video.

Glossy Tights – Breaking News!!

Additionally we shot a few sets for a new site that I have been working on for some time now. Lovers of beautiful women wearing glossy tights will hopefully be pleased to hear, that at long last, this site is on the verge of launching. Stay tuned for more details, soon.

Firstly, here’s Melanie in some glossy purple tights for a stills set.

Then another stills set sees her wearing some opaque glossy white dance tights.

And in steamy VR video she wears semi-opaque, glossy black tights.

6 thoughts on “Melanie Walsh Returns

  1. Wowww what a comeback!!!! Congratulations for making this comeback return come true! She’s more gorgeous than ever!

      1. OMG yess!! I follow her since, 2004? 2005?, those years! I was member of Onlytease first and then all the other sites as Onlymelanie! Melanie, Carla, Rachael, Petra, Carole… they really defined the onlytease style! And it’s wonderful to know that now she’s even more amazing, with the same look in her eyes but even more self confidence!! My prayers were answered!! Well done!!

  2. WOW….Melanie even more breathtaking than ever! What is in the water that she’s on?!!!!

  3. Yes , im with Ricciarelli on this . Melanie is a total stunner , has been since i first spotted that
    lovely smile on OT may years ago . And here she is looking stunning , WOW . more Mel Please !

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