More Classic Rachael Boden Sets Available

Three more sets of the delightful Rachael Boden are available on my Bentbox page. The full sets from which these samples are taken have up to 82 hi-res 4368 x 2912 pixel images in them.
Taken in August 2006, when Rachael was at the start of her modelling career, we went on to work together on dozens of shoots for
OnlyTease over the over the following 5 or six years. Unfortunately the large majority of those shoots were prior to my blog’s inception in 2009, but there are several posts featuring samples of Rachael’s sets here.

Rachael Boden in Corset & Black Stockings

These sets were taken in a massive old workshop in Swanley, Kent.

Rachael Boden – Tyre Fitter

I can’t help thinking of the old Kwik Fit adverts for the 80’s when I look at this set – “You can’t get better than a Kwik Fit fitter”. Rachael may not be better, but she’s certainly fitter than any Kwik Fit fitter that I’ve seen!

Rachael Boden Carries The Can

I find myself in Pun Heaven this morning with thoughts of Rachael, spanners, nuts and jacks – but I’ll spare you the groans and leave you to enjoy the images 🙂