September 25, 2023

Frankie Lain shoots for Strictly Glamour again.

A great natural beauty and an amazing figure means that more Frankie Lain can only be a good thing as far as I can see.

Frankie joined me again yesterday to shoot for Strictly Glamour plus we shot some privately commissioned custom sets – hence fewer samples than usual.

If you would like a private photo or video set shot exclusively for you with any of the models that I work with, then please get in touch via my Contact Form. I can cater from the simplest requests for through to a fully scripted video – just let me know what you want I’ll work out if it’s possible and what the cost will be.

But back to Frankie. Here’s a little video review of the sets that we shot for Strictly Glamour followed by a few stills samples.

Frankie’s photo samples.

This was the only stills set that we shot today with Frankie in a skin-tight playsuit and matching boots.

This set of Frankie in a red PVC dress and knee-high boots was shot as a regular 4K video.

The first of two VR videos sees Frankie keeping her slave in order with her leather riding crop.

And in the second VR video Frankie’s glorious body slips into a cup-less halter neck outfit and over-the-knee PVC stiletto boots perfectly.

Frankie’s building up a collection of sets on Strictly Glamour now, along with over 100 other of your favourite models. The site is also updating FIVE times a week, so if you haven’t had a look at what’s going on over there for a while then maybe now’s a good time to check it out again?