Natalia X’s Strictly Glamour Shoot – Part 1

I recently ventured up to north Shropshire to shoot the eternally youthful Natalia X for Strictly Glamour.

It’s been rather a long hiatus for me due to the Covid situation but I’m now thankfully getting back to a bit of normality. I’d like to thank all of you for sticking with me through these difficult times and I’m very pleased to say that Strictly Glamour will not only be returning to normal service as from Monday, it will be better than normal!! Stay tuned for more details.

Anyway, back to Natalia. We did shoot a lot of great photo and video sets over the course of a couple of days so I thought I’d break it up into parts so as not to overburden your senses in one big hit.

So as not to jam up my blog, the photo samples here are scaled down 60% from the massive, downloadable, 6720 × 4480 pixels that are available to members of Strictly Glamour (in addition to the option to have 3000 x 2000 pixel size too). The video is also a smaller 720 HD version of the 4K one available to members of the site.

Skin-tight leather and stiletto boots.

Some latex and a riding crop.

The outfit might look a bit on the cute side, but don’t be fooled!

Natalia brings out some of her toys for you to play with.

Here’s a short snippet from one of the videos – the full video is over 6 minutes long and in UHD 4K.

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