New Year’s Honour

Honour May

Returning back to the studio after the Christmas break I have the awesome Honour May with me and a New Year’s Honour May set list of exciting new photos and videos from one of the masters (or maybe mistresses?) of video.

Strictly Glamour

It was almost exclusively a video day today (it was last Monday) with this being the only photo set of the day, seeing Homour dressed in a leather & lace corset and stockings.

This set is a ‘regular’ 4K video with Honour wearing a PVC and mesh playsuit and boots.

The second 4K video for Strictly Glamour has Honour sporting a biker look, again in leather.

The first of two VR videos has Mistress May in PVC and weilding a fearsome bullwhip. You can also be assured of top-notch erotic and teasing dialogue with ALL of Honour’s videos too.

And in her second VR video her animal instincts shine through when she’s wearing a leopard print PVC skirt and thigh-boots

Gloss Tights Glamour

There are also three sets for Gloss Tights Glamour, the first being another ‘regular’ 4K video with Honour in glossy electric blue tights.

Then there are two VR videos – here’s Honour in a red velvet dress with glossy black tights.

And finally changing from glossy tan tights to glossy black tights.

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