Private Custom Sets

Your Set – Your Way

There is still the opportunity available to commission a Private Custom set with Alicia, Alicia and Siobhan together or Amy Green in the coming few weeks (sorry – unless you’ve already booked your Private Custom withe Elle M/Hunter I’m afraid I can’t take any more.) See my Custom Shoots page for more details or fill in my Contact Form to enquire about a booking.

A Few Samples

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to your Private Custom Shoot. I can cater from the very simply to very complex.
Maybe you just want to see a photo set of your dream girl, dressed exactly how you imagine her. Or is it a video of her acting out your fantasy, speaking the exact words that you long to hear?
JOI videos are very popular where your favourite model speaks directly to you, calling your name and encouraging you with all the phrases that you love to hear.

If I don’t have the exact items of clothing or props that you want in your Custom set I can work with you to source exactly what you need or you can send it to the studio.

Here are a few examples of some outfit that have been requested previously (reproduced here with kind permission).

Lederhosen Lovelies

School Girl Fantasy

Cute Caroline

Professionalism, Discretion & Confidentiality Assured

You can be assured of a highly professional, very discreet and total confidentiality service.

You will be dealing directly with me when you commission your Private Custom Sets. There is no middle-man, stylist or anyone else that your instructions need to get passed through before they reach the photographer. Not only does this cut down on the costs to you, it means there is no chance that your instructions are going to get muddled or forgotten somewhere along the line of communication. I take full responsibility, from beginning to end, of your Private Custom Shoot.

Just look at the feedback from a recent client (reproduced here with kind permission):

Hi Mike,

Thank you for the photo set and the BTS video. Absolutely incredible, the custom has wildly exceeded my expectations and i think it is fair to say I will be a repeat customer if you keep producing content as good as this. Bonnie was dressed exactly how I wanted her and every angle was covered – and then some!! Thanks to you and to Bonnie also for such a high-quality custom; easily the best I have purchased from anyone, and also highly discreet.