Rachael B Prestige Shoot

Heavy snow has disrupted much of the South East of England including my Prestige shoot for OT today with long time OT favourite, Rachael B. Lianne, our stylist and make up artist, has decided to take a last minute holiday to Mauritius so I have Holly Newberry doing the make up today and Steve, my assistant, is trapped in Kent by the snow, luckily I managed to get hold of Paul, another assistant to help me out. Thankfully our main player today Rachael lives in London so didn’t have too much trouble getting to the location this morning ans was as delightful as ever. She’s had her hair extensions done again – I thought she looked really good without them when she had the shorter bob.

It was a long day, starting at 9 am we finally left the place at 7.30pm, it had changed a bit since I last shot here a year or so ago, there is much more clutter around the house which was a shame as it was very minimalist before, but the owners are now living here so we had to work around their ‘stuff’.

We shot our 5 sets and I’m pretty pleased with the results – here’s a small selection below.

Rachael as a Geisha Girl with black hold up stockings

rachael-b-01 rachael-b-02 rachael-b-04

I bet you wouldn’t mind being picked up by this chauffeur in black stockings

rachael-b-05 rachael-b-06 rachael-b-07

Who cares about Rachael’s secretarial skills when she looks like this in natural pantyhose

rachael-b-09 rachael-b-11 rachael-b-12

Here’s Rachael’s rebellious streak coming out with this raunchy ‘School Disco’ outfit with over the knee black socks

rachael-b-13 rachael-b-15 rachael-b-16

Dressed to thrill with this moody lingerie set, again with black stockings

rachael-b-17 rachael-b-19 rachael-b-20