September 29, 2023

It took me a while to find them but I knew they were tucked away in a corner of an old hard drive somewhere. Turns out I’d accidentally put them in the “Lord Lucan rides Shergar at the 1984 Berkely Hunt Boxing Day meet” folder – I must get around to sending those photos to the Daily Mail one day, too.

These 2 sets of Rachael Boden were taken in 2007 and she looks positively radiant. It was hard to choose the samples from so many great shots of Rachael, especially seeing as the largest of the 2 sets has nearly 200 images in it. But here are the few that I selected.

Rachael Boden by the fire

This first set of 120 hi-res images (they’re less than a third of their full size below) is available from Bentbox here.

Rachael Boden Stripping Nude

And this second new set of Rachael stripping to nude can be found on Bentbox here.

4 thoughts on “Rachael Boden Nude

  1. Radiant indeed. I remember the Rachael and Lucy-Anne combination as delectable as it was possible to get around that era.

    Cheers for posting!

      1. Yes, Ictos, i’m happy i’m not the only one who remembers it (sometimes i was thinking i only dreamed it!), it was a “angels in uniform” spin-off, but it looks like there’s no trace of images of that site anywhere, too bad!

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