September 29, 2023

It was great to see Samantha again – almost 2 years to the day since we last met up. She’s just as bubbly and full of life as ever and we had a fantastic day creating some stupendous new sets for my sites as well as somehow finding time for a quick interview for my new site Glamour Extras.

Lots of leather for Strictly Glamour where we shot a photoset and an 8k/60fps 3D VR video.

Then a wet-look shirt and leggings as a strict school ma’am – shot as both a photoset and regular 4k UHD video.

For Gloss Tights Glamour Samantha wears her own very sexy, figure-hugging green dress and glossy opaque copper tights. (Photoset and VR)

And, of course, what with Samantha being so naturally cute and innocent she models this college uniform magnificently for a photoset and 4K UHD video.

Another of Samantha’s own dresses for Up Skirt Glamour, this time with stockings and plenty of upskirt shots on a 4K video and in a photoset.

As a little “Brucie Bonus”, seeing I mentioned the interviews on my new site – here’s a short chat that I had with Rebecca G and filmed for Glamour Extras
(The interviews are filmed in 4K and can be streamed or downloaded in the members area in various sizes.)