September 29, 2023

It was a bit touch & go as to whether the second day of Serenity’s shoot would happen on Tuesday. Unfortunately Serenity woke up early on Tuesday with a bad migraine and it looked like the whole shoot was off. Happily, after a few hours rest, Serenity was feeling much better and we managed to get underway around 1pm.

We shot three different looks for three different sites in both photos and video plus we also filmed a little interview for publication on my new site Glamour Extras (more about that later).

For Strictly Glamour Serenity dresses completely in leather from head to toe.

Then Serenity’s dressed as a secretary in Victoria Secret Signature Gold Collection glossy white tights (think ‘hens teeth’) for Gloss Tights Glamour


Plus some vintage Anne Summers purple satin lingerie and lilac stockings for Up Skirt Glamour
(The photoset was privately commissioned so won’t be appearing on the site, but there is a terrific 8 minute 4k UHD video plus BTS and VoP video.)

Also for my new site Glamour Extras there will be all the BTS photos (around 40 images) from the shoot appearing next Saturday. Here’s a few samples.

With the mainstay of the site being tons of BTS and VoP videos of all your favourite models available to stream and download in a variety of formats up to 4k UHD.

Here’s a couple of full length samples from recent updates to Glamour Extras.

Sophie B – VoP

(That’s a Video of Photoset – highlights filmed especially for editing into a VoP during a photoset)

You can watch Sophie’s VoP streamed on this blog in 720p, or download the hi-res 4k version here (726mb).

Jen Loveheart BTS

And this is a BTS (Behind-The_Scenes) video of a set shot with Jen Loveheart for Strictly Glamour. Again, this streaming version below is just at 720p but you can download a 4k UHD version here.

You can join Glamour Extras for the super low price of just $19.99 a month for which you’ll get about 40 new updates a month – a new BTS or VOP every day plus a BTS photoset and model interview each week.