Siobhan Graves

I’ve got a bit of catching up to do with shoot samples having had 2 shoots so far this week – the first was on Tuesday with the fabulous Siobhan Graves. We had several Private Custom Shoots to do, including a college uniform, a lingerie set and Siobhan kitted out in full lederhosen and walking gear.

Get in touch if there’s something that you’d like shot for you personally – there’s no restrictions to the choice of outfit and prices start from just £149 for 100 images and £199 for videos (8 minutes), tailored specifically to your requirements.

Siobhan enjoying nature in a Private Custom Shoot.

Meanwhile for my websites we shot a couple of 4K videos each of them. Siobhan so good at videos, coming up with great scenarios to tease and temp the viewer.

Gloss Tights Glamour

For Gloss Tights Glamour Siobhan wears some very glossy black tights beneath her skirt.

And then some glossy tan ones in a voyeuristic video.

Strictly Glamour

And for Strictly Glamour a black PVC and sheer mesh playsuit.

And some red leather with thigh boots.

Samples from Honour May’s shoot coming soon!