Siobhan Graves at Strictly Glamour

An excellent day’s shoot is always ensured when the effervescent Essex lovely, Siobhan Graves, is involved and today was no exception. Charged up with her usual boundless energy we shot five new sets for Strictly Glamour as well as a few private customs.

Siobhan loves shooting videos and acting out her fantasies: dishing out her desires to her poor slave and putting him right when he steps out of line, so we shot a total of four of the sets on video – 2 regular 4k videos and two VR 3D ones – you’re definitely in for a treat with these! To whet your appetite here’s a short compilation video – some are clips from the actual videos interspersed with a few BTS clips.

Samples Images from Siobhan Graves’s latest Strictly Glamour Shoot

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