Snow Queen Felicity Hill

What a sight it was yesterday morning when Felicity Hill arrived on her sleigh pulled by six Siberian Huskies – I wish I’d had a camera! The intrepid traveller braved the journey across south east England, battling horrendous travel conditions that included patches of melting slush up to nearly 3 mm thick in places, to make it to our shoot in snowy Southend.

Felicity was on top form and looking radiant. It must be something to do with the cold, crisp air. So this morning I have another bumper crop of samples for you.

Strictly Glamour

For Strictly Glamour there are 4 new sets to add to the 20 that Felicity already has on the site. These first 2 are photosets containing over 100 images in glorious 4480 × 6720 pixel resolution.

The set below was shot in 4K Ultra High Definition but will also be available in 1080 HD to members.

And finally a VR 3D video in 5.7K which will be coming soon on the site.

Gloss Tights Glamour

Four more sets for Gloss Tights Glamour as well, these first 2 are photosets.

Plus a 4K video in shiny white tights and leotard.

And a VR video in glossy black tights.


Two more photosets of Felicity in black hold-ups…

… and a college uniform with white, cotton briefs.

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  1. I love your sense of humour Mike! 3mm of snow is all it takes in the UK to shut the roads down and cause panic! Yet in Russia and Poland they have much thicker snow and continue like every day!

    You’d think we Brits were softies! Oh, wait….!

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