December 2, 2023

Another Monday rolls around and to liven up the start of your week, here’s a few sample photos and videos from this week’s forthcoming updates on Strictly Glamour


Monday 26th October, 2020

Heels and Squeals

Jenny’s looking mean and keen to get on with whipping you into shape. This gorgeous red head is impervious to your cries for mercy!


Tuesday 27th October, 2020

Tommy’s Leather Lashing BTS

Behind-the-scenes video action from Tommy. Dressed from head to toe in leather, Tommy will tease and tempt you to the very edge of your endurance. Behave and you may just get a little reward. See the accompanying photoset released on 13th Jan, 2020.


Wednesday 28th October, 2020

Chelsea PVC Prison

It looks like Chelsea intends to restrain her slave and stop him enjoying the slow striptease she’s about to perform. This torturous pleasure is an excruciating mixture of heaven and hell.


Thursday 29th October, 2020

Sadistic Seduction

Samantha will leave you in no doubt who’s in control here. You are completely helpless and at her command as she unzips her knickers and squeezes her tits out of her skin-tight PVC dress whilst forcing you to watch from a distance and humiliates you. Finally you can take it no more as you jerk your cock in this goddess’s presence.


Friday 23rd October, 2020

Leopard Jeopardy BTS

Behind-the-scenes footage of feline Felicity is dressed in leopard print with a skimpy lace-up bodysuit and over-the-knee high-heeled boots. She’s going to play with her prey before deciding what to do with you. The original photo set was released on 20th April, 2020.

2 thoughts on “Strictly Glamour’s line up this week

  1. I LOVE Tommy! She has that perfect dark haired, dark eyed fiery mistress look about her, but she’s also sweet! Firm but fair, and she makes my heart race. For punishment and a taste of her!

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