Summer Fun

I thought to end 2020 I’d completely ignore the past year, because that’s what it deserves, and focus on happier times from 2005.

Back in 2005 a lot of the lads mags wanted photosets that looked like they’d been shot secretly without the models’ knowledge in a paparazzi style. The samples below are from a couple of sets that I shot with Hannah Claydon, Mollie Embleton and another Hannah in Lanzarote. Two things I learnt on that trip: although it’s very sunny and warm, Lanzarote is very windy and completely unsuitable for outdoor glamour shoots unless you have models with either tied-up or short hair, or you like photos of models with lots of hair being blown to cover their faces. Secondly, photos on yachts might look great but yachts are a nightmare to shoot on when they’re at sea – they are cramped, rock around a great deal and make models feel sick. It made me realise what a true cinematic feat Duran Duran’s Rio music video was.

If you’d like to cheer yourself more and purchase the full sets from which these samples are taken then you can find them on my Bentbox page. The full sets have 72 images (yacht) and 90 images (pool) in them are 4 times the size of linked images to these samples.

Boats & Boobs

Poolside Fun & Frolics

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