September 29, 2023

I’m still playing catch-up with my shoot posts. Suzi Star was with me last week for her shoot and due to me needing to sort out pressing problems with my motor, the shoot had to be curtailed early, which was a real shame. But fear not! Suzi will be back early in 2022 to shoot a full day with me.

As a consequence, and also because of the large number of private custom shoots ordered for Suzi, we only managed three regular sets for my sites. So here are a few sample photos from the full sets of 100+ images to keep you going until Suzi comes back.

Strictly Glamour

There are 2 sets for Strictly Glamour – firstly a photoset of Suzi in a bodysuit with knee-high boots.

We also shot a virtual reality (VR) set in the office too.

Plus a set of Suzi in a secretary’s outfit with white stockings.

Suzi also recorded this little promo video.

1 thought on “Suzi Star

  1. A very sexy appearance by Suzi. I particularly like the secretary set. The shot with her panties off is wonderfully naughty!

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