The BEST OnlyAllSites deal is back

It was withdrawn over two years ago but now it’s back – you can once again get the best deal in town by joining the mighty, mighty OnlyAllSites through my MAFworld blog for just $34.95 a month recurring. That’s just $34.95 for the first month and every other month that you remain a member saving around 33% off the regular price!

Of course you don’t see any new shoots from OnlyAllSites on my blog these days since I finished my 14 year+ tenure with the brand last August. So, to remind you of what you’re missing, here are a few samples from recently released sets – click on the thumbnails to see more photos from the galleries but remember to come back to my blog and use the special links here to take full advantage of the massive savings on joining OnlyAllSites for that bargain price of just $34.95. I wouldn’t hang around either as I’m not sure how long this amazing offer will last. (The usual joining price is £44.95 which converts to about 60 bucks)

USE THIS LINK BELOW or one in the above text to get this great deal.

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    • Hi Rick and thanks for the message The links seem to be working for me ok. When you click them you should be taken to the OnlyAllSites ‘Tour Page’. Once there click the’Join Now’ button that will tae you to the first sign-up page where you’ll see the message ‘A VERY SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR VIEWERS FROM MAFWORLD.COM’ and a box to enter your email and choose a password. After completing that you are taken to the CCBill payment page.
      If you’re still having problems then please drop me another message and let me know in more detail where the issue is.
      Best wishes,

      • Thanks for the reply , I think my internet provider is blocking the site , I can use the link if I turn off WiFi , but then it doesn’t recognise my email address when u got to choose a password.

        • I had a similar issue when I had to use mobile 4G broadband during an ISP switch. It was ISP parental controls blocking it. It was like the torrent sites blocks where the error just says “The Site can’t provide a secure connection”. The errors appear as if it’s a defective site configuration rather than a parental control. Check firewalls, and any ISP side parental filters, the cheeky sods enable them by default!

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