Tommy was actually in the studio with me at the end of last month, but with preparing for the Portugal trip and then sorting out all the photos from that, I’m a little late getting Tommy’s samples posted. So – better late than never – here they are.

Tommy’s always great fun to work with and puts a lot of effort into her shoots. We shot a couple of private custom sets (which you don’t get to see) plus these sets for my websites.

Gloss Tights Glamour

Tommy already has a dozen or so sets on Gloss Tights Glamour and these new ones will be released over time.

Firstly Tommy in a photoset wearing snakeskin print dress with tan glossy opaque tights.

Then another photoset in which she’s wearing a secretarial style outfit with shiny sheer tights.

Shot on 4K video, Tommy wears black glossy tights.

Plus a great VR video, again in black glossy tights.

Strictly Glamour

Tommy also has over a dozen sets on Strictly Glamour too.

Here she is dressed all in leather for a photoset.

Then in red leather with black hold-ups for another photoset.

Black PVC is the order of the day for a 4K video.

And Tommy’s back in leather with wet-look leggings for a VR video in which she plays your demanding boss who’s just about to sack you!

I’ve got a slightly quieter week ahead (hopefully) so I’ll try and get up-to-date with all my shoot samples, including all the sets still outstanding from my Portugal trip and day 2 of Monika Lara Smith’s shoot.

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  1. Excellent work. Thanks.
    Is Tommi wearing her ‘reverse-footed’ in the first pic from the Strictly Glamour series?

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