September 29, 2023

Here’s something a bit different – a few behind-the-scenes photos from today’s shoot. Amy Green is shooting with me for 2 days, today being the first, and Siobhan Graves popped by this afternoon to join in the fun.

As you can see, Siobhan took it rather badly when I told her we didn’t have time to play a game of The Simpsons Monopoly and proceeded to beat me with her riding crop. And although I fed them both with some of Sainsburys’ finest sandwiches at lunchtime it obviously wasn’t enough and Siobhan tried to devour a PVC knee boot. I managed to persuade her to have another packet of crisps instead.

Amy, on the other hand, was in a far more serene mood. Having whiled away much of the morning drinking tea on the toilet in her favourite glossy grey tights, she spent a lot of the afternoon meditating on the floor of the dressing room.

I’ll try and get a few sample images of today’s shoot up soon.