Whole Lotta Rosa

I’ve certainly got a bumper bunch of samples from the gorgeous Rosa today. Due a ‘diary malfunction’ Rosa and her twin sister, Grace Fae, missed their first day’s shooting yesterday, so to thry and make up for lost time I shot a couple of extra sets today.

A variety of sets destined for various sites within our OnlyAllSites portfolio:

Dressing up, down in the woods with black stockings

Black corset with black stockings.

College student with black opaque stockings.

Rosa’s own dress with tan stockings.

And in the office, dressed as a secretary with black stockings.

Rosa’s own satin playsuit with tan tights.

And a satin-clad secretary with tan tights.

in fancy dress as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz in white stockings.

And ready for the panto season as a pirate in black tights.

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For more of Rosa and Frace Fae, check back at the weekend where I’ll have a few more sets for you to preview.

In the meantime here’s a couple of shots from my Twitter feed to whet your appetite!

Double trouble! Mistress Rosa & Mistress Grace.

Grace & Rosa Getting ready behind the scenes.