July 15, 2024

We shot so many set son Cassie’s second day that I thought, rather than overload you with 42 sample images in one post, I’d split Cassie’s sample into two posts.

Strictly Glamour

To start off with here are the samples from Cassie’s sets for Strictly Glamour. It became obvious quite quickly that, in spite of her cute good looks, Cassie has penchant for the dominatrix role.

All the sets we shot today were photosets, but each photoset now comes with not just with a BTS video (behind-the-scences) of the shoot taking place, but also a VoP (video of photoset) – a 5-7 minute 4K video shot specifically to capture the mood of the photoset.

4 thoughts on “Cassie B. Day 2 – part 1

  1. Cassie looks stunning and loving the outfits – particularly #3, which looks inspired by a certain energy drink company 😉

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