July 15, 2024

The very popular Jen Loveheart spent Monday and Tuesday with me shooting lots of new sets including videos and VR videos for the first time. As there are so many sets I’ve decided to split them up into sites, so today are the samples from sets destined for Gloss Tights Glamour. Several of these outfits were also shot as either regular 4k videos or 8k VR videos.

Firstly Jen wears a mini-dress with semi-opaque glossy grey tights.

Then glossy black tights with a slitted satin dress.

A little exercise to get the blood pumping in semi-opaque glossy plum tights and leotard (this was a Public Custom set).

A pretty pink negligee with glossy opaque tights.

And finally a secretarial look with glossy black tights.

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