July 15, 2024

Remarkably, considering she only lives about 2 miles up the road from me, Porchia hasn’t been featured on Strictly Glamour before now. Well that was all put to rights yesterday when she popped by to shoot SIX awesome sets for Strictly Glamour in only the way she can.

It’s been a real struggle choosing the sample pictures this morning – there’s just so many great shots! Well, I’ve managed to whittle them down and below are 3 images from each set to give you a flavour of what we created together. The photo sets on the Strictly Glamour site all contain 100+ images at a maximum downloadable size of 4480 × 6720 pixels (smaller sizes are available to download). The videos are about eight minutes long and we shot 1 regular High Definition video and one Virtual Reality (VR) 180 degree 3D video.

The first set will likely be released next week on Strictly Glamour with the rest following in the following weeks – we’re now updating FIVE times a week on the site so there’s plenty to keep you entertained!

These first four sets are all photo set – Porchia in Red PVC, wielding a riding crop.

In a skin-tight PVC dress with knee-high stiletto boots.

A long PVC dress.

And a strict governess-style outfit with wet-look lingerie, stockings and suspenders.

On HD video Porchia cracks the whip in a wet-look playsuit and over-the-knee boots.

And looking amazing in a cup-less halter neck body suit with over-the-knee boots in 3D VR video – it’s like being in the room yourself watching these on a headset.

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    1. They will all be available in due course over the next month or so on my website StrictlyGlamour.com. It cost $25 to join for the first month (30 days) and if you continue your membership it is only $19.99 per month after that.

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