July 15, 2024

It was Amber Belle’s debut shoot for my sites yesterday and, although she’s retiring at the end of this month, happily it’s not also her last – I’ve managed to snag another shoot date with her next Wednesday too!

We had a fun day shooting new sets for my sites as well as several Private Custom sets. We really enjoyed our walk along the prom in the spring sunshine with Amber dressed in some suitably skimpy summer wear. This set will be going on Gloss Tights Glamour and is already available at the GlossTightsGlamour Store. There’s a whopping 191 photos in this mega-set so you’re getting very good value for money with this one – don’t say that I don’t ever treat you 🙂

There’ll be more sets coming for GlossTightsGlamour next week.

For Up Skirt Glamour Amber wears a secretarial outfit with lingerie and black stockings.

And a tight-fitting mini-dress with opaque glossy black tights.

And slipping very smoothly into her dominatrix role, Amber wears a PVC bralette and skirt with knee boots.

Plus her own PVC dress with thigh-boots.

Tune in later next week for some more stunning new sets from Amber (sorry – all her Custom sets have been bought already.)