July 15, 2024

Finally in this trilogy of blogs are the eagerly awaited samples from Hattie Grace’s sets for Gloss Tights Glamour

Hattie just looks fantastic in a tight-fitting satin mini-skirt, crop top, glossy opaque copper tights and thigh boots.

Then elegantly dressed in her own red evening dress with glossy black tights.

Tan tights with a shorter dress.

And a Public Custom gym set from our Antarctic two-toned featured friend.

All these sets of Hattie, and much more, can be purchased individually NOW by visiting the GlossTightsGlamour Store
Gloss Tights Glamour on demand store

There won’t be any shoots for a couple of weeks over Easter but I’ll be coming back, full-throttle, with Lauren Louise on the 18th/19th April, Aston Wilde the week after and Lottii Rose’s postponed shoot the first week of May.