May 13, 2024

I was shooting with both Amy Green and Siobhan Graves yesterday for my websites and also a number of Private Custom shoots.

We shot a set each for my three sites and Amy will be back with me again today to top that figure up.

Suffice to say, Amy and Siobhan worked brilliantly together to create some truly top-notch sets.

Things were steamy from the start with Amy and Siobhan dressed as two secretaries in glossy black tights for Gloss Tights Glamour

Then some kinky fun with handcuffs for Strictly Glamour.

While Amy & Siobhan continued their bedroom antics in black stockings for Up Skirt Glamour.

If you’re wondering what happens with the Private Custom shoots – well, anything really!

By kind permission of the commissioner of this set of Amy and Siobhan in the woods, here’s a little taste of what we did.