July 15, 2024

Antonia Jay and I had a busy couple of days at the start of the week shooting several Private Customs plus some fabulous new content for my websites.

Here’s a selection of samples from the photo sets, each of these sets was also shot as either a regular 4k video or an 8k VR video. There’s also a few BTS and VoP videos for some of the sets.

antonia-jay-crotchless-tights antonia-jay-crotchless-tights antonia-jay-crotchless-tights
antonia-jay-catsuit antonia-jay-catsuit antonia-jay-catsuit
antonia-jay-fishnet-body antonia-jay-fishnet-body antonia-jay-fishnet-body
antonia-jay-denim antonia-jay-denim antonia-jay-denim
antonia-jay-black-stockings antonia-jay-black-stockings antonia-jay-black-stockings
antonia-jay-natural-stockings antonia-jay-natural-stockings antonia-jay-natural-stockings

Plus here are few BTS snaps.

antonia-jay-bts antonia-jay-bts antonia-jay-bts