April 15, 2024

Jorja Thomas (Jorja is pronounced ‘Georgia’) made her debut for my sites on Wednesday, and what a great debut it was. Jorja’s full of smiles and enthusiasm with the toned body of a dancer, dance being the passion of this talented young lady.

We shot more photo sets than videos today but there’s also a few BTS and VoP videos to satisfy the video fans amongst my membership.

Sit back and enjoy Jorja’s samples images from the photo sets which are now available on their relevant Stores (links to the Stores in the side bar/below).

jorja-thomas-black-tights jorja-thomas-black-tights jorja-thomas-black-tights
jorja-thomas-tan-tights jorja-thomas-tan-tights jorja-thomas-tan-tights
jorja-thomas-leather jorja-thomas-leather jorja-thomas-leather
jorja-thomas-pvc-dress jorja-thomas-pvc-dress jorja-thomas-pvc-dress
jorja-thomas-red-pvc jorja-thomas-red-pvc jorja-thomas-red-pvc
jorja-thomas-secretary jorja-thomas-secretary jorja-thomas-secretary
jorja-thomas-white-stockings jorja-thomas-white-stockings jorja-thomas-white-stockings
jorja-thomas-black-stockings jorja-thomas-black-stockings jorja-thomas-black-stockings

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