May 13, 2024

Candice at Only Tease

We had a delayed start to proceedings today as Candice, aka Paw Patrol, went to the aid of a lost dog en route to the studio. After capturing the errant canine with her doggy lasso that she always keeps handy in case of such incidents, she called the police and waited with Mutley. Happily its rightful owner emerged from a nearby caravan park. Apparently the dog had been missing for a couple of days.

It won’t surprise you to learn that Candice is a passionate animal lover and has four dogs and a cat of her own, with another cat due soon. She hopes that one day, after hanging up her lingerie in front of the camera for the last time, she will be able to make a second career out of working with animals.

Candice reviews today’s Only Tease shoot samples

Following the shoot, Candice had a quick look through all the sample photos and picked out a few of her favourite outfits and images.

Only Tease

Starting off in the office, Candice wears a jumper dress with barely black stockings.

Then a tight-fitting skirt with light tan stockings.

Here’s one of two members’ customs on 4K video today. Something of a ‘Jessica Rabbit’ look with tan tights.

And the second video request being one of Candice’s favourite outfits of the day – a wedding dress and veil with layered nylons of tan tights and white stockings. Unfortunately (or not!?) Candice plays the role of a jilted bride in this video πŸ™

Only Opaques

For Only-Opaques Candice wears semi-opaque black hold-ups beneath PVC vinyl trousers.

And a velvet dress with black opaque tights.

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Layered Nylons

Our final three sets are for Layered-Nylons.

Firstly Candice is dressed as a college student with natural coloured tights and stockings.

It looks like someone’s pinched Candice’s office chair in this set, causing all sorts of problems. Wearing black and barely black tights and stockings, Candice phones security to report the matter in a most unconventional, but visually pleasing stance.

Finally, shiny white tights on top of black stockings beneath a flowing dress.

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6 thoughts on “Candice to the Rescue

  1. Candice is definitely in the ‘mastercraftsmodel’ bracket. It looks so graceful, elegant and almost effortless these days. ‘Why stand on the floor when you can stand on the desk’….quote of the week so far!

    1. I hope not, Gary, but fear she may be going that way πŸ™ Still, you could get lucky and be reincarnated as a stray dog in her neighbourhood.

  2. Did Candice get any help from Fanglebert (resident security dog) in helping re-unite the ‘lost dog’ with its owner ?

    Just love the back stories you provide as an insight into what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak at the shoots you undertake with the lovely ladies.

    These latest photosets/video customs from Candice look rather epic

    1. Ha ha, no – Fangelbert was nowhere to be seen when the chips were down. He is to security what chocolate teapots are to brewing up PG Tips.

  3. Another journey through these preview shots…and I’m fairly convinced I’ve never seen Candice look so ravishing! Your scene-setting for the girls these days is fantastic Mike…gives it all a lovely added dimension. The only thing I’m not getting about this Candice piece is that there’s no mention of firemen!

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