May 13, 2024

As always, there’s plenty to keep you occupied on Strictly Glamour this week with five new updates from Bonnie Bellotti, Samantha, Siobhan Graves, Frankie Lain and Suzi Star.

Here’s a little taster of what’s in store.


Monday 23rd November, 2020

Bonnie’s Leather Lounge

Raven-haired Bonnie looks mean, dressed head to toe in leather. Her slave’s in for a treat if he can manage to control himself.


Tuesday 24th November, 2020

Samantha Needs Servicing BTS

Behind-the-scenes action of Samantha’s about to take all her aggression out on her slave. She’s going to beat you with her riding crop then make you satisfy her with your tongue, making you lick her boots, boobs and pussy. Do a good job and she’ll let you jerk off in front of her. Original photoset released on 5th October, 2020.


Wednesday 25th November, 2020

Siobhan Slave Training

Siobhan is not best pleased with her slave and is going to making him suffer. Not only will he have to grovel on his knees and lick her boots clean, he’ll have to suffer verbal humiliation while his mistress tease him.


Thursday 26th November, 2020

Frankie’s Fearsome Flogger

Gorgeous mistress Frankie looks fearsome with menacing-looking flogger. Pity the poor creature that pisses her off!


Friday 27th November, 2020

Suzi’s Leather & Legs BTS

Behind-the-scenes footage of Suzi Star as you’ve never seen her before – looking menacing in leather with a vicious looking flogger whip. You better watch yourself! Original photoset released on 5th November, 2020.

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  1. Frankie’s looking too good to be true these days Mike! I love her in this pouting, sultry mode…so sexy! Here’s hoping the temperature gets even hotter…theatrical gasps, truly naughty smiles…I live in quiet hope!
    Thank you.

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