May 13, 2024

It was a pleasure to welcome Dirty Demi to my studio for her debut shoot for my sites yesterday. Hailing from just across the Thames in Kent, it still takes a couple of hours on the train to reach Southend-on-Sea. Demi is relatively new to the industry but brings ducks and water to mind!

Strictly Glamour

We shot for just 2 of my sites with this first batch of samples coming from sets destined for Strictly Glamour – all three of the sets were shot as photosets and either 4k or VR video. The photosets are already available to purchase on the StrictlyGlamour Store whilst members won’t have wait too long until the first of these great new sets are published on the members site.

Demi’s all in black PVC with knee boots.

In raunchy red PVC.

With a mixture of leather and PVC.

Gloss Tights Glamour

These sets are destined for Gloss Tights Glamour and again the photosets are available to purchase now from the GlossTightsGlamour Store

Here’s Demi in her own bodycon blue dress with glossy black tights.

And casually dressed with glossy tan tights.

This set of Demi in a secretary’s outfit was shot, unusually, in both 4k video and VR video with no photoset.