July 15, 2024

I’ve had a couple of ‘no shows’ with models recently so it was great to have a shoot once more and made even better by the fact that it was with the uber-reliable and totally lovely Emily. We shot the following sets on Wednesday but I haven’t had time to post the samples since then.

Strictly Glamour

To add to sets that Emily already has on Strictly Glamour are this little clutch. I think you’ll agree that Emily looks absolutely amazing in these outfits.

The first 3 sets are photosets (all will have BTS and VoP videos to go with them)

And this final set was shot on 4K UHD video.

Gloss Tights Glamour

Plus there are 3 sets for Gloss Tights Glamour. The first 2 are photosets again (with BTS and VoP videos)

And the last set was shot on 4K UHD video.

1 thought on “Emily J

  1. Beyond amazing Mike. This looks like a stunning series…Emily J on total fire…! She’s been such a fabulous model on the scene for so long…and looks even naughtier with each passing shoot. BRAVO!

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