April 15, 2024

I was just clearing out my hard drive when I came across some behind the scenes (bts) footage that I captured last year with Emily J on a shoot for Strictly Glamour

There was no audio so I’ve edited the footage down to about 5 minutes worth and added a little background music.

I’d be grateful for any feedback on this from readers of my blog – is it something that you might like to see more of? Would audio from the studio be better than music? Does it playback OK for you (this is output in 720p HD but was recorded at a higher definition)? Please use the ‘Comment’ feature on this post to get in touch.

Many thanks,

And here are a few samples from the stills set that we shot – the full set (Edition 495 – 12th Sept 2018) has 117 images available to download in 2 sizes – large and ultra large. By clicking on the thumbnails below you can see ‘large’ images which are 2000 x 3000 pixels.

4 thoughts on “Emily J at Strictly Glamour

  1. I personally prefer studio audio, but in any case, the more Strictly Glamour the better 🙂

    1. Thanks, I can’t remember whether it was intentionally recorded without the audio or I just forgot to switch the mic on 🙂 I’ll do the next ones with studio audio and see how they work out.

  2. Hey MAF,

    A total pleasure to see this. I’ve been an admirer of SG for quite some time…and don’t get me started about the sensational EJ!!!! I love the way this has been put together and enjoy the music soundtrack. I bought all of your EJ sets done at that time…as a special treat. She really stands out as being a ‘nice’ girl who does’ wicked and naughty’ so unbelievably well….i only wish we could see more of her like this.
    I’m also loving her and you have a laugh about her getting into this whip wielding naughty girl spirit….just makes me laugh along. I’d love to see more of this capture….it’s a lovely little glimpse of your reality. EJ looks such a skilled model when seen like this.

    I hope you continue with your SG venture. I’m not sure I can join fully (I’ve been a member many times before so have seen most of the sets….but I’ll always buy new sets individually from your site that really grab my attention. A return EJ visit would guarantee a full purchase set from me!


    mashedpotato (Gary)

    1. Thanks Gary, I’m really pleased to hear that you’re enjoying the site so much. Emily is a real pleasure to work with and such a lovely lady too. I’ll see if Emily can shoot a few more sets for SG next time she’s in the studio. Thanks again for your feedback, it’s very much appreciate.

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