June 13, 2024

Delicious Jen Loveheart was with me in the studio earlier this week where we created many new photosets for my websites. The full sets have 100+ images and here’s a few samples from those sets.

Strictly Glamour

For Strictly Glamour Jen wears leather gear and a sheer bodysuit.

Then a tight-fitting PVC dress

A wet-look body suit with glossy black opaque tights.

A PVC bralette and mini-skirt with raspberry red stockings and platform heels.

And a PVC corset with fishnet stockings.

Gloss Tights Glamour

Plus for Gloss Tights Glamour a pink dress with grey glossy tights.

Jen’s own summery cotton top and skirt combo with glossy tan tights.

A secretarial outfit with glossy black tights.

And a little black dress with black lustre tights.

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2 thoughts on “Jen Loveheart

  1. Hi Mike! Thanks for my customs! Jen’s a sweetheart, and she’s a Sagittarius, a Sagittarius Sweetheart haha, perfect for a Leo like me, I can’t resist a blue eyed angel <3. The set of her in the PVC corset with fishnet stockings in your previews reminded me of Maria Smith's shoot with you. Is there any chance you could entice Maria the naughty lioness back in? I hope she hasn't retired 🙂

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