May 13, 2024

I’ve had a cracking couple of days shooting the fantastic Monika Lara Smith.

Strictly Glamour

I’ve decided to split the samples into separate posts for their respective sites, so today it’s samples from the sets Monika and I created for Strictly Glamour over the past couple of days.

Following feedback from members, I’m also trying out changes to my shooting format: all sets will now have a full photoset, shot on a stills camera, as well as a video set in either regular 4k video, 3D Virtual Reality or BTS & VoP (Behind-The-Scenes and Video of Photoset). If you take a look at the samples below plus the text, it might make more sense 🙂

First up is a photoset of Monika in a tight PVC dress and over-the-knee boots that was shot as a photoset and has an accompanying BTS and VoP set.

Mistress Monika posing as a strict school governess in satin and leather is again a full photoset, this time also with a VR video.

Monika wearing a wet-look halter neck top and leather knee boots is (as all are now) a photoset with a VR video.

Shot as a 4K regular video (and photoset) Monika wears a PVC top and mini-skirt and wields a fearsoem bull whip (she certainly enjoyed using that – maybe a little too much!)

In leggings and red leather knee boots is another photoset with BTS and VoP videos.

And finally a punk inspired leather look shot as a VR set and photoset.

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