July 15, 2024

There are five more sets lined up for release on Strictly Glamour this week with two stills sets, two BTS videos and a regular HD video. Here’s a quick peek at what’s in store – all the images are available up to a massive 3840 × 5760 pixels and the videos are all at least 1080p Full HD (they’ve been scaled down to just 400p here on my blog).


Monday 19th October, 2020

Suzi’s Chain of Command

Look out as Suzi Star asserts her authority with her riding crop. If you can take your punishment like a man then you might be rewarded with the sight of more of her beautiful body.


Tuesday 20th October, 2020

Felicity’s Fantasy BTS

Behind-the-scenes footage of Felicity dressed for some bedroom action in black lingerie and stockings. She’ll make sure that you do exactly what she wants with the help of her flexible friend – the leather riding crop. The original photo set that accompanies this BTS video will be released soon!


Wednesday 21st October, 2020

Samantha’s Strap-on

Samantha’s loving the power she feels wearing her strap-on and is very clear about what she intends to do with it, and you. Are you up for the challenge to satisfy your mistress’s desires?


Thursday 22nd October, 2020

Worship Natalia in Wet-look

Natalia looks irresistible in her strappy wet-look dress. After arriving back from her hot date, she wants you to worship her firm body and obey all her demands.


Friday 23rd October, 2020

Cuff You BTS

Behind-the-scenes footage of beautiful Mistress, Frankie Lain, dressed in shiny PVC lingerie, long gloves and black stockings. She is ready to cuff you and have her way with you. Make sure that you please her.