September 29, 2023

Bryoni-Kate striping nude

It’s amazing what you can find, rootling about through old hard drives. Whilst looking for something else (I was going to give you same classic Sarina Caruthers today and an Ice magazine cover I shot of her) I came across a few sets of the lovely Bryoni-Kate, or Gemma Jack as she is sometimes known as now. These were shot in September 2008 and were intended to be sold for syndication, but for some reason or another they never got further than being shot and stored on my hard drive.

The complete set contains 92 images of Bryoni striping to nude from her bikini and the full size images are very healthy 5616 x 3744 pixels. [For comparison, if you ‘right click’ these thumbnails and choose ‘Open Link In New Tab’ or ‘Save Image As …’ you will get a 1685 x 1123m pixel image.]

When I’ve posted samples from previously unpublished photo sets I’ve been asked by readers if the full sets are available to purchase and I have promised to make them so, when I have time. I have now set up a facility with Bentbox and started making these rare finds available – the sets can be individually purchased for you to download and keep in your own private collection.

This set of Bryoni-Kate striping nude from her bikini can be obtained by following this link:

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