May 13, 2024

Day 2 of my shoot with Roxy Mendez produced many more fantastic sets for my sites, all except one being shot as both a photoset and 4k or VR video.

For Strictly Glamour Roxy dresses a strict school ma’am in black hold-ups.

And in a red PVC dress with black stockings.

For Gloss Tights Glamour Roxy wears copper-coloured glossy, opaque tights.

Her own satin dress with plum-coloured glossy tights.

And a secretarial outfit with black, semi-opaque Wolford tights.

Plus a secretary outfit with black stockings for Up Skirt Glamour

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2 thoughts on “Roxy Mendez – Day 2

  1. for us tights fetishists you have by far the best content on the internet…. its incredible.
    i was wondering though, how come you don’t do a VR video with all of them? The upgrade to 8k was EPIC, and you’re producing amazing content with stunning girls each month, i would sign up exclusively to the website if every shoot had a VR video with it. At the moment i only go through sexlikereal. Just curious?
    thanks again

  2. Thanks for the kind comments gcloff.
    There is a VR site in the pipeline, it was delayed a little due to some other issues but is now once again in motion. I can’t give a definite launch date but it won’t be too long – a matter of weeks now.

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